Privacy Policy

Summary of Privacy Notice for Recruitment Portal at Comet Group

This short summary provides a quick overview of the most relevant aspects in the Recruitment Privacy Policy regarding the recruitment portal. A complete Privacy Notice, including all information required by law, is available here .

Comet Group collects and processes personal data when you use our job application form on the website («recruitment portal»). For this the main controller is Comet AG, Herrengasse 10, 3175 Wünnewil-Flamatt,, Switzerland («Comet AG»), while other individual Comet entities that participate in the portal being joint controller or – once a specific recruitment takes place by them – sole controllers depending on their involvement in the recruitment process.

First above all, we (i.e. the Comet entity that has posted a job opening) collect from you the personal data you provide us when applying to a job listed on the recruitment portal and use it for evaluating the most-suitable candidate for the job at issue and, subsequently, enter into an employment contract with such person. If you do not get or want the job, you can thereafter give us your consent, if we shall continue keeping your data on the recruitment platform for up to 2 years to hold it accessible to all participating Comet entities who may be interested in you for their own job openings. They can search the database, and if they find your file interesting, they may contact you. You can update your data during that time or withdraw your consent and have your data deleted (to do so, please login).

In addition to the foregoing, we also collect and process various technical data (e.g., IP address of your terminal device), registration data (registering is necessary to use the portal and allows you to access your file), communication data (e.g., your contact details and communications with you), behavioral and preference data (e.g., likelihood that you will be interested in certain job openings) and other data. With your consent, we and third parties may also track you during your use of our recruitment portal and possibly across several visits. We collect and use this data for communicating with you, to understand your interests and improve the portal, for market research and statistics, for the technical operation and security of the portal and for compliance with laws.

The recruitment portal is operated by SAP SuccessFactors, a cloud-based software for human resources management from the company SAP SuccessFactors, and licensed to us by our provider Gaius HR AG, based in Basel, Switzerland. The data is stored in the Netherlands and Germany, Europe.

You have several rights in relation to the processing of your personal data, including the right to request information from us as to whether and what data we process from you, the right to have us correct data if it is inaccurate and the right to request erasure of data, the right to request that we provide certain personal data in a commonly used electronic format or transfer it to another controller. See the full Privacy Notice for more details.